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I'm truly sorry... we are no longer offering the free lapel pin. After I gave away thousands of pins for free (including free shipping).
 Spammers caught on and spammed my site with hundreds of fake orders. It left me no option. Again I'm truly sorry.

FREE American Flag Lapel Pin...No Strings Attached.

Why am I giving away an American Flag lapel pin (shipping is free too)? It has recently come to my attention that some Hollywood types are blatantly condemning our country and the people of it. This completely baffles me to a great extent. One hundred years ago they would have been hung for treason. I am a true zealous patriot and stand firm on my never wavering love and respect for America. I sell flags, lots of flags, and I hear daily from many great U.S. citizens who share this same love and respect for our county. Why Free? My motives are two fold. First and foremost I want you to wear the pin. I realize patriotism is more than wearing a symbolic icon, but it’s a great start. I believe in the ripple effect. If you wear an American Flag lapel pin others may too, or they may be inspired to put up a flag pole to proudly display the flag. Second, I can assume if you want a lapel pin there is a chance you may want to buy a flag or flagpole from me. My assumption is if I show you how great our customer service is, how easy it is to order from my website and how great our prices are… you will eventually patronize my store. It would be an honor for a chance to earn your business. This is a limited time offer and only one Free American Flag Lapel Pin per household. Thanks for being a fellow Patriot! Eddie Hill (Uncle Flag)
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Free American Flag Lapel Pin
American Flag Lapel Pin
List Price: $2.95
Uncle Flag Price $2.95

FREE American Flag Lapel Pin (One per Household Please)
Free American Flag Lapel Pin