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American Stick Flags American Car Flags (US Parade Flag)

UncleFlag started selling American Flags in 1985. The Nylon American Flag and the Polyester  American Flags have both dramatically changed over the past couple of decades. Top selling Flag manufacturers like Annin Flag Co., CF Flag, Eder Flag and Valley Forge have spent millions of dollars in research and development on the US Flag. Both Nylon American Flags and Polyester American Flags  have nearly tripled their longevity as well as their fade resistance since the WWII era.

The elements are very hard on an American Flag. Harsh ultraviolet sun rays, violent wind gusts, rain, sleet, snow, extreme temperature variations from winter to summer and last but not least, what's known as "Flag Harry Carry", where the flag beats itself to death against an aluminum or fiberglass flag pole. It's amazing they last as long as they do!

All of our Nylon US Flags are made with the best 200 denier Nylon in the world which is protected by Solar-Max and DuPont color.

All of our Polyester US Flags are made with top quality 100% heavyweight two-ply spun polyester.
UncleFlag is proud to be an authorized dealer for Annin & Co. Valley Forge, CF Flag and Eder Flags. These are the top four American Flag Manufacturers in the United States.
We keep thousands of American Flags in stock. We have a great selection of Large American Flags up 30ft x 60ft. We also carry a great selection of desk, parade and other small American flags.
Have confidence in knowing that whatever American Flag you chose, you are getting the best in the world. We back this statement up by a full 3 month UNCLEFLAG GUARANTEE. If you are not 100% ecstatic with your US Flag, UncleFlag will by it back with no questions asked.

This is not the manufacturers guarantee...this is UncleFlags guarantee. We stand behind all of the products we sell.



American Stick Flags American Car Flags (US Parade Flag)
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