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Annin has 160 years of flag making obviously making them the oldest flag company in the world. The craftsmanship of an Annin flag far surpasses that of any competitor.


Annin has an extremely impressive resume. For instance, President Abraham Lincoln's casket was draped with the "Great Star" flag you see here.  This one was made by Annin for Lincoln's funeral, and later used in the funeral of President John F. Kennedy.
It was an Annin that landed on the moon with Apollo 11 forever to be planted in history.   


In 1970, Annin designed and munufactured the POW/MIA flag. They decided to be extra generous, so they didn't copywrite the design, thus allowing any flag manufacturer the ability to make and sell the highly reverenced design.
It was Annin that took the first journey to the North Pole with Robert E. Peary.


It was Annin that was high atop Mount Everest when the National Geographic Society summated it for the first time. 


And yes, since President Zachery Taylor started the tradition…. an Annin flag flies at every inauguration with each new president.    


It was an Annin that was raised after the events of Sept. 11, 2001, when firemen raced to a nearby marina and grabbed a ship's American flag to raise over the rubble of the World Trade Center. The photographed moment became the iconic image of that tragic day.
Oh... this is not the first time an Annin flag was raised out of rubble. There is another famous photo of guys raising the Annin US Flag...
Here's a closer look at that flag...
There was very high winds atop the peak of Suribachi... good thing it was an Annin flag or this flag would not be around for us to enjoy. Today it rests at the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

Anyone who has bought an Annin flag knows that the Annin reputation is not to be out done by the reality.


Yes, as with a Rolex, Rolls Royce, and Harley Davidson…you will pay more… but it’s worth it.